BB-279 1955-1964 Splitscreen Single Speed 12v wiper complete kit

£264.00 Including Vat £220.00 Without Vat

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Complete kit , everything needed to replace every part of the wiper setup (except blades and arms) . Kit comes with single speed motor and wiring loom section , all the rods and linkages , 2 x new spindles with front panel seal kit  .

Do you run a 6 volt wiper motor? Are they silly fast?

Do you run a 12 volt armeture inside a 6 volt unit? (New armeture inside a worn out motor)

Is it a noisy experience?

Do the blades self park or is it a timing thing you have going on?

I expect you have answered YES to most of these questions above.

This is a 12 Volt Wiper Motor. very quiet when running.

It also has a self park function wired into the supplied loom, so push the button on your switch in and the blades will return to there parked position.

This unit fits in exactly the same place as the original unit, new mounting screws are supplied, also the wiring exactly the same as your original, the main power/feed wire is the same colour as the original, this also comes with an inline fuse for added protection.

The only thing that has come to light is the new motor is roughly 20mm bigger than the original, so if you have a stereo hanging out the dash, space maybe an issue, so please check that area if interested in one of these and you run or want to run a stereo of some kind.

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Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 370 × 140 × 100 mm

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