BB-194 Wiper rod kit for 1966-1967 Original Splitscreen wipermotors



New replacement rods/bars for original wiper motor setups from 1966 to 1967

Over time these have gotten bent or broken , these rods/bars come with new bushings and nylon washers plus a new E clip to secure them in place . Very simple to fit if the motor is out of the vehicle , fairly fiddly if motor is still in place on the vehicle.

You can buy these in 3 different options .

  • BB-194 Complete set so both rods and all the bushings and washers
  • BB-194A 1 x long rod with bushings and washers
  • BB-194B 1 x short rod with bushings and washers

So  that is every option you could possibly need .(Unless you only need the bushings , if you do then message me )

Rods/Bars are cut , shaped and plated in the UK

Additional information

Weight .300 kg
Dimensions 250 × 20 × 10 mm

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