BB-165 12V Splitscreen wiper motor for 1966-1967 models

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This is a direct fit replacement wiper motor for 1966 to 1967 models .THIS MOTOR BOLTS INTO YOUR ORIGINAL SETUP AND IS JUST A MOTOR SWAP , 12v with 2 speed loom , also self park function , all you will need to do is remove your wiper assembly then bolt this in and fit the main drive mechanism onto the output shaft and away you go , kit comes all assembled ready to go . Loom plugs into the white socket on the motor . There is an earth cable that goes from the motor and connects onto the main motor frame mounting bolt .

Then connect the blue and yellow wires to the switch that you used before . The purple wire is the main power feed and goes to the same place as the previous setup . Nothing changes except the motor .

Also comes with a rubber grommet that fits into the motor frame to give a little more sound deadening .

Fitting instructions

  1. Unbolt wiper unit from vehicle and remove
  2. Unbolt the drive dog off the centre of the old motor
  3. Then unscrew the 3 screws holding the motor onto the main frame and motor will just come away .
  4. Remove the 3 loose bolts on the new motor , the long one with the earth will need to go back into the lower hole that it is in from delivery.
  5. Bolt new motor up using the 2 upper bolts (Short ones )
  6. The long bolt screws in all the way and will come out of the back of the main frame , screw up tight then add the earth wire from the back . Then use the nyloc lock nut to secure it in place .
  7. Connect the white loom plug into motor socket , push it in fully .
  8. Then add the main driver to the centre of the motor , this is the point that makes the blades stop/park to the left or to the right , the motor comes already in a parked position , so looking at the motor directly at the output shaft , it rotates clockwise so from this you can work out where the blades will park . If you leave the drive loose you can simulate what is going to happen buy moving the driver round manually .
  9. Refit the mechanism into bus and hook up the power and test (I would test it without having the arms on the spindles then you can see if it is parking in the correct place .)

Additional information

Weight 1.5 kg
Dimensions 200 × 120 × 120 mm

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