BB-086 Right Hand Drive Through Chassis Repair Kit (1969-1972)

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If you have a Right Hand Drive Earlybay you will possibly have a sloppy throttle rod that goes through your chassis, over the years people have possibly welded on washers to reduce the play.

With this kit you can fit a new bearing onto your original rod, so do away with the play and give you zero slop.

  1. Remove the roll pin that holds the end piece on. (This is the lever that pulls the cable or releases the cable )
  2. Then the end piece should just pull off, this part may come straight off, or may need heat to remove it. (It will have been on there for many years)
  3. Once the end piece is off, clean the shaft up using some sandpaper/wet and dry paper to clean off the corrosion, until the bearing slides over (slide bearing and holder up to the section that’s worn).
  4. Using the bearing holder mark through the 2 outer holes, then drill 2 holes and bolt the plate on.
  5. Lubricate the shaft and fit the new end piece and secure in place with the supplied roll pin. Then reconnect the long rod that goes to the main throttle kit.

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