BB-148A Mild Steel Powder coated spare wheel holder (Bulkhead models)

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Spare wheel holder powder coated satin black Mild Steel

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Mild Steel powder coated satin black

To be able to fit one of these you will need to have a Bus that has a bulkhead and also has a full width bench seat or a double and a single seat setup . (Not for stock sized tyres , for people running smaller profile tyres)
The spare wheel in these models usually sits behind the front cab seats .
If your spare wheel area has a stud in the middle of it then this will work for you .
I made these as my bus runs smaller front tyres than originally fitted from factory and the wheel rolls around in the wheel well . Knocking my seat and banging , but with this plate in place it holds the wheel firm as VW intended .

My spare wheel is a stock steel beetle wheel  .(i have tested with stock bus steels with smaller tyres and are fine with them aswell )
If you run / use an alloy wheel as a spare this may not work for you ,due to the stud length being too short . I can supply stud extenders if required plus a length of M8 studding .
If your unsure if your stud is long enough just offer up your wheel over the stud and see how much sticks through .

On the rear of the plate are 3 stainless pegs that locate into the wheel bolt holes , also there are 3 rubber bolt hole protectors so as to not damage the bolt holes and to hold the wheel better .
The black wing nut screws on ,and holds everything in place .
With the wheel held correctly it gives you a lot of space underneath the wheel to store spares and tools etc.

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Dimensions 280 × 280 × 60 mm


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