BB-167 MILD STEEL Industrial tinware for upright fan housing engines running “J” tubes .

£25.20 Including Vat £21.00 Without Vat

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Mild Steel (Will require painting )

If running J tubes on your engine adding these will guide the air out better and give better cooling , also will give a better response from the thermostat if fitted , rather than the air spilling out of the sides of the tinware where heat exchangers would have been . For Type 1 upright fan housing engines Splitscreen/Baywindow/Beetle/plus all the other models that would run the Type1 aircooled engine .

These fit onto the 2 lower sled shaped tinware underneath the pushrod tubes . Just bolt on . Comes with 4 bolts and washers     .

You are buying a pair of these so a left one and a right one, in raw mild steel , the mounting holes are slotted so there is some adjustment forwards and backwards , there are several types of tinware out there some original and some reproduction , so there maybe some trimming to do , i have tried to make these as adjustable as possible , but if you find you just cannot fit them please just post back . We cannot make a 1 thing fits all , most yes just not all .

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Weight .500 kg
Dimensions 300 × 90 × 40 mm

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