BB-110 RHD 1969-1972 Replacement Through Shaft Kit

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Replacement through shaft, shaft is stainless steel and the spacer is also stainless .

This shaft can be fitted from the wheelarch end, originally VW fitted these before fitting the brake master cylinder went in , so to replace from the inside of the chassis you would need to drop the master cylinder. But with this there is no need to .

The endplate with the spring on is a copy of the original and on this shaft just bolts on the end, unlike the original that is welded on.

The shaft is the same length etc. as the original, so if its only this bit you require then it will work, no need to buy everything if not required.

One of the tips I have been given is its easier to hook the accelerator cable to the endplate before bolting onto the shaft as there is not much room up in there. Also to just squeeze one end of the new roll/spring pin to help with starting the pin off in the hole for the lever at the opposite end of the shaft .

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Weight .050 kg
Dimensions 25 × 25 × 30 mm


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