BB-052 Swing axle / Straight axle 0.9mm Shim

£4.56 Including Vat £3.80 Without Vat

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Swing Axle / Straight Axle 0.9mm stainless steel shim Needed if you find you need lots of paper gaskets to set up your axle tubes , rather than fitting 10 or more paper shims this will reduce the amount of paper shims needed . (You will need at least 1 paper gasket each side of the steel shim to ensure it seals ok )

Sale is for 1 shim so if you need more just add more to your basket.                                                                     

Will fit 1959 onwards vehicles  111-501-133 (NON SPLIT CASE BOXES )

If you buy the thickest paper shim on the market that is 0.3mm 111-501-133/A they retail for £1.50 each so save money and buy just 1 stainless shim rather than 3 paper ones equalling £4.50 to gain the same thickness …..

Additional information

Weight .05 kg
Dimensions 150 × 150 × 1 mm

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