BB-034 4 Stud Beetle Drum to Wide 5 Drum Spacer Kit

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Please note colour has changed these are now gold in colour . Not black .

Used for Splitscreen vans having Straight Axle or Beetle IRS conversions fitted (will also work on Beetles converting from 4 stud drums to Wide 5 drums).

These spacers are for converting a 4 Stud Beetle Gearbox into a Wide 5 one.

Very simple to fit, unbolt and remove your 4 Stud Drum, slip 1 Thin Spacer onto Drive Shaft then an up to 1966 Beetle Drum, then fit the Thick Spacer and refit the 36mm hub nut, torque up and fit split pin job done.

Advantages to fitting these are you get the Wide 5 Stud pattern and you get to run the later wider brake shoes.

If using early pre 1966 Beetle Drums you will find they use smaller M12 Wheelbolts.

I usually get the holes opened up and taped out to M14 if running them on a Splitscreen van. New Wide 5 Drums are about £30 each.

(Made in the UK)

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Dimensions 100 × 100 × 18 mm


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