BB-328 Splitscreen Rear corner bumper supports (If not using splash pans)



If like me you don’t run splash pans then these maybe of use to you , I found without the splash pans in place the bumper ends wobble alot .

So I made a set up for my bus and work great firmed up bumpers and work well . So I have these for early ribbed and the later styles .

I wish I could say they are a quick bolt in place item but if your bus has had reproduction corners , or bashed corners then a bit of tinkering maybe required . Hence why the kit comes with extra nylon washers/shims . My bus is fairly untouched in the corners and original so fairly straight forward , I had to straighten 1 slightly bent bumper iron but once sorted it was all good .

Also for some reason some repro corner makers do not add the holes for splash pans , no idea why but this can also cause issues . So please bere this in mind when buying these . Some thinking outside the box is or maybe required .

Kit comes with 2 x stainless steel mounts , 2 bolts and nuts to mount to the corner section , 2 x bolts for the bumper itself (late bumpers have threaded inserts in them so just bolts supplied no nuts . 10 x Nylon washers for use as packers to help align bumper if any issues with bumper  / irons or even corner panel

Pressed bumper kit will come with 2 dome headed bolts as you may need longer side bolts and you have no threaded nut on the inside of the bumper .

All seems a lot to take in but basically its 2 stainless bent mounts and some bolts and a bit of thought .

Additional information

Weight 0.245 kg
Dimensions 150 × 35 × 60 mm
Bumper Style

Ribbed/Pressed Bumper, Late Bumper