BB-416ST J Tube support mounts (Full set , fits to under pushrod tins)

£25.20 Including Vat £21.00 Without Vat

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Stainless steel version of BB-416 Product

Some J tubes come with welded on tabs so you can link the tubes to the sleds/under pushrod tubes tinware , but some don’t have these . So these big steel P clips bolt around the J tube and the pick bolt holds them nice and tight , then you can bolt the tinware / industrial tinware pieces to them , you will need to open the clamps up to get them around the tubes , or you maybe able to slide onto the j tubes if not fitted to the vehicle . Full set of 4 mounts 

(These Stainless versions are harder to fit due to stainless steel being tougher than the mild steel version , also stainless steel edges can be sharp so please wear gloves or be very careful )


You are buying a set of 4 clamps . 

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Weight 0.7 kg
Dimensions 200 × 100 × 100 mm

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