BB-082 Carb fuel pump setting plate Alternator style (Stainless steel)

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If you have ever replaced a dynamo with an alternator and run a stock carburetor  you will know what this is for .
If your carb is a dynamo version when fitting an alternator this plate would foul on either the Alternator itself or the stand it fits on .
Some people just cut a chunk out of the pedestal or the Alternator so it clears , or even bend this plate to avoid rubbing/sticking .
But bending the plate will mess up the settings on the accelerator pump on the carb .

If you just replace the dynamo plate with this one nothing else needs altering or bending .
The 2 pieces are stainless steel , kit comes with new stainless mounting screw and nyloc nut .

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Dimensions 40 × 40 × 5 mm


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