BB-050 Early Vehicle Trackrod Flip Kits (Small taper)

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Vehicles from 1955 to 1967 T1 and orther variations.

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Kit is a pair of bump steer bushes for use on lowered VW Beetles , i wouldn`t use these on split bus spindles as the area these have to fit in is pretty small after you drill the hole (Early small taper track rods), when lowering a vehicle the steering rods increase there angle and snatch the steering wheel when hitting pot holes and rough ground, this kit reverses the mounting position so track rods can be mounted from below in the spindle, so angle is greatly reduced, almost correcting the steering geometry.

You will need to get the spindles machined to accept the bush, if you take your spindles into any good machine shop they should be able to do the job for no more than £20 they need to machine a 17mm hole into spindle removing the old tapered mount . Bushes are now Stainless steel .

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Dimensions 50 × 25 × 25 mm

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