BB-028 Bay Window T2A/T2B Passenger Seat Mounts Plus Mounting Bolts


Listed are 3 options , Full kit (both mounts) , or sold as singles .

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Seat mounts for the passengers side of a walkthrough baywindow bus.

Comes complete with all new mounting bolts.  Original VW Part number 211881300

Most original looking ones on the market, these have the pressed strengthener added unlike others out there,

These have also been zinc plated to keep rust away, can be over painted…

  • Drop down menu gives you various options
  • Full set of 2 mounts with bolts
  • 1 mount with bolts (look at the images as these come in 2 styles , one is the door side mount and 1 is the walkthrough side , the images in each option is what you will be sent so check before buying please) or send me an image of what you have and I can ship the opposite one . 

Additional information

Weight 0.160 kg
Dimensions 71 × 29 × 40 mm

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