BB-001 Porsche 912/911(901/902) Gearbox cradle rubber mount/mounts



Needed a pair of these for my 912 , nobody does them in the original style rubber . You can get Solid mounts or hard rubber mounts .

These are used on the 901 and 902 Gearboxes . (This mount is usually used on the early models 1965/66/67) These rubbers fit into the

901-375-031-00 Gearbox cradles . 

These can be pressed into the cradle with a little silicone lube and i used a small press , you fit the rubber first then the steel insert is pressed in after to lock the rubber in place .

The steel insert has a slight radius on one end to help the insert to press in through the rubber . They look and fit /feel the same as the originals .

Selling these as singles or as a pair up to you what you need , i recommend changing both at the same time .

Additional information

Weight .5 kg
Dimensions 18 × 16 × 9 mm

1 Rubber mount, 2 Rubber mounts

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