BB-060 Beetle beam bolt mounting kit .


These are the bolts that mount the beam to the framehead .


Beam bolt mounting kit , in the drop down menu is 4 options .

  1.  6 x bolts washers and lock washers FULL KIT (4 x Bolts front of beam , and 2 x bolts from top of beam near tank)
  2.  2 x bolt kit.(With washers)
  3.  1 x single bolt .(With washers)
  4.  Just the 2 x top beam bolts (With washers)

Bolts are coated in a Geomet coating, very high resistance to salt water .  (Bolts near the tank are Zinc plated as do not require as much protection)

Original VW Part number would be   111-513-475/A  

Additional information

Weight .5 kg
Dimensions 140 × 120 × 40 mm

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