BB-060 Beetle beam bolt mounting kit .


These are the bolts that mount the beam to the framehead .


Beam bolt mounting kit , in the drop down menu is 4 options .

  1.  6 x bolts washers and lock washers FULL KIT (4 x Bolts front of beam , and 2 x bolts from top of beam near tank)
  2.  2 x bolt kit.(With washers)
  3.  1 x single bolt .(With washers)
  4.  Just the 2 x top beam bolts (With washers)

Bolts are coated in Zinc Silver (Bolts near the tank are Zinc plated as do not require as much protection)

Original VW Part number would be   111-513-475/A  

Additional information

Weight .5 kg
Dimensions 140 × 120 × 40 mm

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