BB-231 Safari Wiper disengager repair kit (Enough for 2)

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Do you have a pre 1964 splitscreen bus with Safari`s and the repro hidden behind the front panel disengagers ?

If yes do they work correctly ?

  1. When you push them in does the disengager work correctly or kind of jam up and not release the lever .
  2. Do you find the wiper itself sweeps too far so goes off the screen when wiping ?

If yes to the questions i may have the answer , i bought a set of good repro disengagers but found certain things didn`t work correctly so made these bits to help sort it out . Please look at the images and make sure my repro disengagers are the same as yours . There are only a couple of repro types out there . The images should give you an idea of how to fit the bits .

The flat plate with the large hole in needs to be secured to the upright section , glue/ resin or i have just tig welded the edge , this plate can move if not secured in place and get trapped in mechanisum

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Weight .040 kg
Dimensions 60 × 30 × 35 mm

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