BB-159 RHD Danbury throttle kit (Cable operated models)

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Original converted to Right hand drive Danbury vans , not the greatest setup alot of levers and cables in tubes etc .

This kit replaces all that , it is very similar to the 1973 to 1976 kit we do but longer . This means you will need to replace the plastic throttle pedal setup and the hinge that is mounted on the floor (You need the 1973-1976 pedal and hinge plus hinge pin , this is not an item we sell yet)

The kit mounts inside the cab and runs across the floor to where the left hand drive pedal assembly would have gone if it was a left hand drive model . You will need to have some mechanical skills to fit this as it is totally different to the setup that Danbury fitted . Please see below images of the kits that have been fitted so far , so you have an idea of what is involved Things to think about before buying this kit .

  1. You will need to replace the pedal and pedal hinge+Pin to the earlier 1973 to 1976 setup .
  2. You will need to drill holes in the floor to mount the new kit ,it comes with screws nuts washers and saddle clamps.
  3. You will need to cut the floor where the cable holder rotates , the supplied stainless plate will give you an idea of where to cut , i would cut a slot to allow the lever to use the floor as a return stop for the lever.
  4. You may need to replace the throttle cable , this setup is designed to work with the “S” shaped end not the hoop/ring type cable end .
  5. Kit comes with a return spring that fits into the end of the cable lever , but you will need to find a suitable place to mount the spring on the bodywork .

Seems like we are trying to not sell you this conversion but we like you to know what you will need to consider if going down this route , the kit is a lot smoother than the original conversion and will generate more pull on the cable so you will find bus will shuffle along a bit quicker than before , but you need to put in the effort on fitting this kit , its not as straight forward as the rest of the kits we do .

Kit comes with main kit with pedal pushrod , all clamps and screws to mount it plus return spring .

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